Whale Watching in Fuerteventura

Welcome to Fuerteventura!

Want to tick whale watching in Fuerteventura off your bucket list? Then head over to Fuerteventura, a must-visit island for all sorts of wildlife and nature activities. 

Blessed with 3,000 sunshine hours per year and crystal clear Atlantic waters, Fuerteventura is home to various species of whales, dolphins, and other aquatic creatures. However, tracking wild animals is never easy, so knowing some hotspots and the best time to go whale watching is recommended.

Hence, here are some of the best tours you should check out to explore the island. Note that these tours are led by experts, who will ensure you go back home with a heart full of memories and breathtaking Instagram posts!

dolphin watching fuerteventura

When can you see whales and dolphins in Fuerteventura?

The ocean surrounding the island is home to various whales and dolphins, so sightings are very common. However, visiting the hotspots during the summer months, especially in June, will boost your chances. 

We suggest this because one can never be 100% sure about the movements of wild animals.

Where can you see whales and dolphins in Fuerteventura?

Most whale-watching tours take off at the port of Morro Jable and head to the Jandía Natural Park, Isla de Lobos, and Caleta de Fuste, depending on the tour duration. These locations boast the highest possibility of whale and dolphin sightings. You can also check out the neighbour islands Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria for some fascinating whale watching.

Can you swim with whales and dolphins in Fuerteventura?

Although some tours allow a swimming break, swimming with dolphins and whales is prohibited by law in Spain. Not only is it risky for you, but it also disturbs the aquatic mammals and may even scare them away.

We encourage you to report any parks or tour packages that allow swimming with marine animals to prevent this unethical and harmful practice. 

What types of whales and dolphins can you spot in Fuerteventura?

Various cetaceans are native to Fuerteventura, with the most common being the bottlenose dolphin. They are usually spotted in groups along the Canary archipelago. Pilot whales, fin whales, sperm whales, and humpback whales are also regular visitors around the island waters.

Local fishermen have spotted orcas once in a while, but it is best to keep your expectations low with these unpredictable mammals.

Beste Whale & Dolphin Tour in Fuerteventura

Enjoy your day by the Fuerteventura coastline with this amazing 1.5 hour Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour as you get up-close-and-personal with some playful dolphins and gigantic whales. Besides feasting your eyes on some breathtaking views, you will even learn more about the island and its fauna from the local experts.

What does your day look like?

This tour package is our top recommendation as it allows tourists to watch whales and dolphins without disturbing the mammals. The 1.5-hour session takes place in Jandía Nature Park, a large protected area dedicated to tourism and the conservation of Fuerteventura’s flora and fauna.

The tour starts with a pickup from your hotel (if located in Esquinzo, Jandia, and Morro Jable) and continues in the glittering waters of the Atlantic. Soak in the refreshing sun as you sail by the Fuerteventura coastline. This area is a favorite among native whales and dolphins, so make sure you are ready with your cameras!

Moreover, the captain and guides of the tour are fluent in German, Spanish, Italian, English, Polish, French, and boast an impeccable sense of humor. 

Check to availability and price of this tour here.

best time to see whales and dolphins in fuerteventura


  • Whale and dolphin watching in protected area
  • 1.5-hour boat cruise
  • Instant confirmation and free cancellation
  • Conveniently book slots on your phone
  • Pickup from hotels
  • Complimentary lifejackets 
  • Expert commentary in multiple languages
  • Suitable for people with limited mobility
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and kids under two years

What You Should Carry?

  • Towels
  • Swimwear 
  • Mask 

Cool facts about Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. It’s the second-largest of the Canary Islands and dubbed as “the island of eternal spring,” since it enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year.

Thanks to the sunny beaches and cool winds, Fuerteventura is a paradise for surfers, scuba divers, and fishermen. 

And any trip to Fuerteventura would be unsuccessful if you do not stop by to watch some bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of blue whales, killer whales, and more.

Since many of these species are native to the Atlantic waters surrounding Fuerteventura, your chances of seeing them during your trips is a whopping 99%! Although there is no specific season that guarantees better sightings, we believe the summer months are the best to enjoy the sea life in Fuerteventura.

whale watching fuerteventura

Other Wildlife & Nature Activities in Fuerteventura

Dolphin Watching Lobos Island

If you are on a trip with the whole family, this 5-hour tour is your best bet. Besides watching some native aquatic animals, you can even swim, snorkel, feed the fish, or enjoy some drinks and relax on the sun deck. The crew will help you get some stunning underwater photographs too! Additionally, if your hotel is at Corralejo, you can request a pickup while booking a slot. 

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Calderón Hondo Volcano Tour

If the sea isn’t your calling, head over to the volcanic mountains of Fuerteventura and stroll around the rim of the crater. Greet some playful squirrels, raptors, black crows, goats, and other native wildlife on the way. With expert guides fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, this 3-hour tour will be an enriching experience for all.

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E-Bike 3-Hour Tour From Corralejo

If you are a fitness enthusiast, we bet you’ll love this biking expedition through the vast landscapes, ancient craters, and white beaches of Fuerteventura. Since this tour limits the number of visitors to groups of seven, it is an ideal package for a bunch of friends. 

What’s more, you might even spot a chipmunk or two on the way!

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